Bio Vege Sp. z o.o. is a part of the vortex energy group, whose values and ideals include caring for nature. The company’s pro-ecological approach is based on using the latest technologies made company’s Management Board create a project comprising harvesting organic vegetables using probiotic organisms.

We have great respect for nature and are working towards leaving a clean environment for future generations. Our activities are concentrated on sustainable development: we want to do something which serves society from a long-term perspective. How do we do that? It’s possible thanks to our commitment, passion, and knowledge of renewable energy and the environment.


Bio Vege vegetables are produced on Piotr Krajewski’s farm. He is one of the creators of an innovative technology that utilizes bio-organisms. The farm has been deploying probiotic microorganisms for over 5 years now.

'It was the declining activity and decreasing efficiency of using chemical plant protection substances that led us to this. Moreover, it is our desire to produce vegetables that are healthy and safe for human consumption.'
Piotr Krajewski